Bus stops need trash cans

Reader Input
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Placer County and the city of Auburn may want to install trash receptacles at all of the major bus stops that have a covered waiting area. Without one, the immediate area around each stop can almost look like one is standing in the middle of a garbage dump with its trash everywhere. For example, the whole hillside around the stop in front of the Highway 49 Taco Bell has beautiful, nice plants but, in contrast, is nearly covered with trash. The Target store stop looks just the same, as well as the one between Rite-Aid and Best Buy. The only stops that I know of in the Auburn area that have trash cans are at Lincoln Way’s Elder station and the main transit point on Nevada Street. I can see (no excuse) why some of the trash is on the ground. If one is drinking a soda or eating a snack while waiting for a bus, there is no place to dispose of trash but to leave it on the bench or throw it on the ground; that is, unless he carries it onto the bus which can be rather inconvenient. Keeping our area a little cleaner will help all of us feel better about ourselves. RAYMOND GREENWAY, Weimar