Business brains working in Loomis

Reader Input
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Many residents of Loomis may not be able to notice the current economic environment of Loomis downtown businesses by just driving down Taylor Road. But our business community has been facing the same downturn as other local, state and national economies. As a concerned business owner, I decided to take a look around the community and see what I could help with to promote a more stable business climate. What I discovered is that we have some very active and passionate Loomis organizations including the current Loomis Town Council. Alongside a few other residents and business owners, I offered support of many town council projects. One, in particular, was a commitment to help support new festivals and events. These types of activities bring visitors and encourage return visits which could potentially be a significant economic stimulus for our town. I believe the town provided partial funding for at least three new events, including the first-ever chicken race during the Eggplant Festival. I would like to thank the town staff and council members who voted to help make it happen. It showed me that we really do have some resolute council members who are interested in trying new ideas on behalf of helping the community. Charlotte Langston, Loomis