Business lacks human element

Reader Input
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I have lived in Auburn overall for 30 years and ever since (a local restaurant) opened my family and I have been customers. On Saturday, my husband was running in Auburn and wasn?t feeling well. He ran by (the restaurant) and asked for water. He was running and did not have his wallet. It was obvious that he was out-of-breath and hot. She said, we charge for water and he replied that he did not have his wallet. She called the manager over and the manager said, sorry, I can?t give you water. He very nicely left and continued on his run and then fell and injured himself. I am in no way saying that this was (the restaurant?s) fault! A wonderful woman on a bike stopped and let him use her cell phone to call me. Another wonderful Auburn citizen stopped when she saw him in distress and helped him to her car to drive him wherever he needed to go. We have so many wonderful Auburn residents and I feel blessed to be a longtime resident. However, I am deeply ashamed that I have been a customer of (the restaurant), and I no longer am. There is no excuse. You have to have a human element to your business. You can walk into any Starbucks or any other fast food restaurant and get a ?free? cup of water. It was an inhumane action and I hope that they will think about their policies and the community that has supported them and kept them in business for so long. Carrie Altizer, Auburn