Business would worsen traffic

Reader Input
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Re: “Cyclists, residents debate courtesy on roads,” (Journal, Sept. 19). The above-referenced story and Mr. (Ron) Rothe’s letter in Wednesday’s Journal have demonstrated that the rural roads in the Newcastle area were not designed for the volume, type and mixture of traffic we currently experience. Placer County residents should be aware that there is a proposal that will make these hazardous conditions even more severe. A property owner at the corner of Gold Hill Road and Schindler Road has applied for a Minor Use Permit (“Gold Hill Gardens”, application PMPB 20110228) currently under consideration by Placer County Planning Services for a 6,600-square-foot event center accommodating up to 200 guests. The applicant also proposes “to use (the( property for … (a) cycling destination point.” In addition to the issue of placing a large commercial operation in a rural, lightly populated area, the additional truck, car and bicycle traffic that the applicant hopes to attract will elevate an already critical traffic condition on the secondary roads in the greater Newcastle area to a dire one. If this project is approved, the additional sheriff, CHP and fire patrols, and potential road “improvements” required, will be funded by county taxpayers for problems caused by, and for the benefit of, one commercial businessman. Please educate yourself about this project and make Planning Services and the Board of Supervisors aware of your viewpoint. Carol Rubin, Newcastle