Businessman gets 5 years in prison for bear spray attack

Man donned wig, PG&E uniform in scheme
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A 60-year-old businessman was sentenced to prison for spraying an Auburn woman with bear spray and for attacking her brother-in-law. Udi Fishman, a mechanical engineer and rental property owner from Los Gatos, was handed a five-year prison term by Placer County Superior Court Judge James Garbolino Friday, according to a press release issued by the Placer County District Attorney’s Office Tuesday. On Sept. 16, 2009, Fishman donned a dark wig, sunglasses, and dressed as a PG&E worker when he arrived at Juan Trejo’s Auburn home in a borrowed van with magnetic stickers to make it look like a PG&E vehicle. Fishman was seeking revenge over a perceived wrongdoing with Trejo, who built a retaining wall for Fishman, according to Art Campos, spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office. When Trejo’s wife answered the door, Fishman sprayed her with bear spray. He forced his way into the home. When he came in contact with the woman’s brother-in-law, Fishman sprayed him in the chest with the bear spray. The two continued to fight until Trejo’s wife stabbed Fishman several times with a kitchen knife. She then ran outside and drove for help in Fishman’s van. Law enforcement later found additional items in Fishman’s van including rolls of twine, a homemade billy club, a roofing hammer with a sharpened edge, a large sheet of plastic, a blanket, a large flat piece of cardboard, duct tape, a fake mustache, makeup and numerous maps of foothills areas in Placer and other counties. Fishman was convicted by a trial jury on Feb. 1 of first-degree residential burglary with a finding by the jury that people were present in the home during the commission of the crime. He was also convicted of attempted false imprisonment, possession of a deadly weapon — the billy club — and two counts of illegal use of tear gas. All are felony crimes. Fishman was acquitted by the jury of attempted murder and attempted kidnapping. ~ Staff report