Busy cluster square needs no name

Reader Input
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Dear Auburn: Take a deep breath and enjoy the spring air. Enjoy our beautiful courthouse. Enjoy the restored Old Town. Take a stroll through Downtown and admire the bikes and art. Now, see 50 lamps in a crowded intersection with an oversized cartoon city emblem nobody can really see from the ground, three (maybe I am not counting all of them) oversized monument things, a dizzying variety of five or six types of stone/concrete/rocks, and the 10 vacant businesses surrounding it. Fifty lamps. Really? Why can’t we just repave and put in some new plants and some seating without every narcissistic town hobby group competing for billboard space? That said, it is an improvement, but common! I feel like I am watching a “Saturday Night Live” skit making fun of small-town folk. I love Auburn. Brian Cornelsen, Auburn