Buying American key to US prosperity

Reader Input
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This is in response to Dave Hungerford’s letter of Oct. 3. Mr. Hungerford’s letter points out that government spending brought us out of the Great Depression. I believe this is partially correct. First, unions were started prior to Word War II, not in the ’50s. The most important part of the equation left out is we made products in this country and we also purchased them. This resulted in more employment for everyone. Citizens were willing to take a risk and start a small business and employ other workers. As a result, the government was receiving more revenue through taxes from those working in the private sector than those working for government projects. Now, look at today. Almost everything we purchase is made in some other country. The items made overseas cost less, their workers earn less and have fewer benefits. As I see it, higher taxes are not going to bring us out of our current problems. We need to stop sending our money overseas and start purchasing products made in this USA. This means we need to start drilling for our oil, yesterday, buy American products that are made by American companies and get over this hatred of the rich. When we start purchasing products made here, by our companies, we will return to a prosperous country. Ted Smith, Rocklin