Cal Trans helps windshield guy

Reader Input
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Re: “Anyone else hit a bumpy road?” (Reader Input, Aug. 24), I had the same experience as Chris DeArmond. I was driving along I-80, driving eastbound through Roseville several weeks back when Cal Trans was repaving the road. Everyone’s car was being hit by flying rocks shooting up from the tires of vehicles in front and alongside of them. There was no way to exit the freeway once you passed Atlantic Street for over a mile. Not only was my windshield cracked, but the paint on the hood of my car was pitted. When I went to have the windshield repaired I mentioned the work on the freeway had caused the crack and the gentleman told me, “Cal Trans was keeping him in business and that trying to file a claim has taken his clients over eight months to resolve.” A new windshield cost $730 to replace. There has to be a better way for Cal Trans to clean up the gravel at the end of the day or at least display a warning sign for flying gravel! Cynthia Haynes, Auburn