California being ripped off by academia

Reader Input
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With the disclosure that in the short term we will have a $4.5 million shortfall for Placer (Union) High School District (Journal, Feb. 11): What a shock! The last school board meeting that I attended where (Placer County Board of Education Superintendent Gayle Garbolino-)Mojica’s step raise was being discussed (Dec. 9), not a word about any pending doom. Now we have the “potential” shortfall of funding. Only 60 days later? What is a glaring fact is that the education system of funding needs to be overhauled or thrown out. Or are our administrators incompetent? How can you people in the administrative end of the school system justify this funding system? Deficit spending? Where or how is that justified? Blame it on the state school superintendent? Why haven’t you people screamed at the administrations present and past about how this cannot go on. You form your budgets based on assumptions even knowing that the state is busted and would have to float a bond that the taxpayers would have to repay someday? Where is the common sense in that? What strikes me wrong is that we were contemplating a step raise for the Placer County Superintendent of Schools who gets extra pay for her master’s (degree) but does not know about this present debacle back in December. What has changed? Also, I am sure that we could whittle that $1.5 million per year shortfall down by just adjusting school administrators’ salaries and pensions. The UC system here in California announced that it will have perhaps a $1 billion shortfall next term but went ahead with over $4 million in bonus money to certain individuals. People in California, wake up! We are being ripped off by academia and nobody does a thing to stop it. Since you get your paycheck, the rest of us can eat cake (Marie Antoinette)? James McKesson, Auburn