California GOP is to blame

Reader Input
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California has reached the tipping point and Republicans are to blame. California’s future is in the hands of the Democrats and Democrats are in the hands of special interests. The GOP abdicated any chance of breaking the Democrat choke hold by running a couple of inexperienced, wealthy, white women who only diehard Republicans could love. The same special interests that re-elected (Jerry) Brown and (Barbara) Boxer are draining the assets of hard-working Californians. Uncontrolled spending on social programs and illegal immigration coupled with an unfriendly business climate formed a perfect storm that sank any hope for change. As is often the case, those who are the least deserving may reap the greatest benefit. California’s population centers are the primary beneficiaries of uncontrolled spending and they control the vote. To counter that, the GOP put together an unelectable slate of candidates with no solutions. The wave of change that swept America bypassed California, not because of anything the Democrats did but because of what the GOP didn’t do. We can’t blame the Democrats. They are who they are and do what they do but we can and should blame the California GOP for doing everything wrong. The GOP leadership has failed California. Dick Isherwood, Lincoln