Californians drowning in tax

Reader Input
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On Friday, May 22, Jim Beall, Sr. wrote, “we should elect responsible officials who will fairly and sufficiently tax us for what we need.” I agree. Governors do not author or pass legislation, especially spending bills. A governor recommends a budget and even specific bills, but the budget and all spending come from the Legislature. The best a governor can do is veto legislation he perceives as not in our best interest, but the legislature can override his veto. Gray Davis was governor from 1999 until recalled in 2003. It was during his term that our budget began spiraling out of control. Arnold hasn’t been able to do better primarily because of the majority party. The Democrats have controlled virtually everything during this entire period: lieutenant governor since January 1983; assembly since December 1996; and the Senate since December 1980. Most Constitutional officers have been Democrat as well. We recently increased sales taxes, income tax surcharges, vehicle license fees, etc. and reduced dependent deductions. California is in the top three nationwide in income taxes, sales taxes and business taxes. Special taxes/fees are driving businesses and jobs out of California. California is not insufficiently taxed. We are overtaxed for everything! We need to send responsible politicians in Sacramento, which means ending the decades-long Democrat stranglehold on our Legislature. Virtually no GOP-authored legislation even makes it out of committee. The top 5 percent of taxpayers pay 51 percent of all taxes. But what is their fair share? Willard F. Schmehl, Cool