Call it money well spent

Reader Input
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Marcia Winborne-Graven (Reader Input, March 25) is opposed to sensibly providing condoms at public expense. She illogically concludes it adds to the cost of taxes and health care premiums. Just the opposite is the case since condoms reduce unwanted pregnancies, abortion and STDs, all of which carry high medical, psychological, social and economic price tags. She also nostalgically muses, “Whatever happened to abstinence?” The U.S. population has grown at a geometrically progressive rate since our inception over 200 years ago. As the human population now tops 7 billion, one can only wonder when those good ol’ days of abstinence ever existed, here or anywhere else. Her mentality prevailed in WWI where U.S. soldiers had the highest incidence of STDs — 70 percent greater than other armies. By WWII, we wised up and the government aggressively promoted condom use. The army spent precious tax dollars on a training film entitled “Don’t forget — put it on before you put it in.” It’s refreshing to see legislation based on practical reality and sound economics rather than quasi-moralistic, mythological fantasy. Let’s not revert back to the naiveté of 100 years ago. Jim Beall, Sr., Applegate