Can’t letter writers modulate tone?

Reader Input
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Let’s cool our jets, folks! I’m talking about those who are writing in re: the Black & White Ball being “raised from the dead.” The latest one that takes the cake is Robert Bairy, who isn’t even from Auburn, but gets on his high horse anyway by leveling some nasty insults at two of our finest civic personalities. Whatever one thinks about their stance re: the Ball or “Affaire” as it is now being called (and I’m not taking sides here), Ben Asgharzadeh and Margareta Swann have been longstanding and generous members of our downtown business community. As such, they deserve better than Mr. Bairy’s recent attack. I find myself increasingly frustrated with the angry tone that seems to permeate certain letter writers when they happen to disagree with someone. Whether it’s politics, religion or just plain local events like this, it’s sad that two people can’t have a heated discussion, make their point, and still walk away respecting each other’s opinion without one (like Mr. Bairy) acting like the neighborhood bully. Whether you agree or disagree with a person, every voice deserves to be heard without resorting to the type of character assassination that two of our own recently had to read when they opened their newspaper. Richard A. Del Balso, Auburn