Can we survive being saved?

Reader Input
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In the 1960s you saved us from fluoride in our water. In the 1970s you said you were saving old people from property taxes, but gave us Proposition 13 instead. Welcome to the world of annual and continuing budget crises. In the 1980s you protected us from labor unions for the evil they were, and you got us all to enlist in the drug wars. Now, as a society, we make 15 percent less and have diminishing health, education and retirement benefits. At least there are plenty of drugs to numb us. In the 1990s you used that loss of the labor union movement to ship all our manufacturing jobs to countries that would let you exploit their labor forces. (Thanks for saving us from all that hard work.) To end the decade, you sponsored legislation to deregulate the banking industry. Oops. Now you are doing everything you can to save us from the terrors of universal health care. I’m certain it is better to leave the country in the clutches of the insurance industry. They promise to do better. May I make a request? Could you please stop saving us? Your judgement has been off a bit in the past, and I am afraid, as a country, we might not survive being saved again. Clifford Lanxner, Applegate