Can writer kindly zip it?

Reader Input
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Re: “Bring back our country,” Reader Input, June 10):
Dee Nann has asked that we get our country back. Alas, Ms. Nann is seeking a time that our country has (thankfully) left behind decades ago.
Yes, folks like Barack and Michelle (Obama) can earn undergraduate degrees from Princeton and Columbia and law degrees from Harvard. Happily, they can even go on to become president and First Lady.
Regarding Ms. Nann’s laundry list of boo-boos that she attributes to Barack, given the ugly cards the man was dealt, he does a stellar job.
Regarding Ms. Nann’s suggestion that Michelle stop working on childhood obesity and “keep her mouth shut,” I for one would be a lot happier if Ms. Nann followed her own advice.
Alan Shuttleworth, Colfax