Canal fix calls for an expert

Reader Input
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Does anyone at Placer County Water Agency remember that C.C. Myers finished the collapsed Santa Monica freeway in 1994 in 74 days instead of the 140 days CalTrans allowed, and the I-580 bridge fire rebuild in 2007, estimated at five to six months, in just 26 days? Last I heard, C.C. Myers lives in the Sacramento area, not that far from PG&E’s Bear River Canal break near Colfax. Why doesn’t PCWA bring the man who routinely does the impossible up to Colfax, and ask him how long it would take him to fix the break, and how much it would cost? Wouldn’t that be better than losing $10 million of agricultural production in Placer County this year? PG&E is a slow, ponderous company. They’ve done nothing in two weeks except work on a road into the site and talk about how they want to do this “right.” C.C. Meyers could have had a tunnel through the mountain by now. It’s time for PCWA and our new duo of Beth and Ted Gaines and our supervisors to lean mightily on PG&E to farm this out to C.C. Meyers, not as a consultant but as a contractor, with a bonus for each day he finishes ahead of schedule, just like CalTrans did with the Santa Monica Freeway. Gordon Ainsleigh, Meadow Vista