Canal Street no place for exit

Reader Input
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Attention: Jim Holmes, Placer County supervisor: I urge you to not allow an entrance/exit access to the proposed (Bohemia Retail project) site through Canal Street as this is a residential area and it is not acceptable. The proposed access to the site would impact over 600 surrounding residences. Emergency vehicle response time would definitely be impacted by increased traffic congestion as a result. Both Luther and Canal streets have no pull-off shoulders to allow passage. The backed-up traffic congestion created from the suggested addition of a signal light at Canal and Luther would also restrict the residents of the Woodside Village from leaving or entering their homes. The three-lane merge onto Luther from Highway 49 is already a traffic hazard and will result in increased auto accidents. Please review these comments and couple them with the increased air and noise pollution that will be the result of a Canal Street access. Janice Fielder, Woodside Village resident, Auburn