Candidate’s vision helpful

Reader Input
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At the September meeting of the Meadow Vista Municipal Advisory Council, I was pleased to hear a public comment from Otis Wollan, a candidate for Placer County Water Agency director in District 5 (Auburn and all of eastern Placer County). He spoke about the threat of fire in our region, presenting his views about a unique opportunity to improve our fire safety. This opportunity, he said, comes from the relicensing of hydropower facilities that PCWA operates. I listened very carefully, since I believe fire is our biggest threat here in the foothills. In fact, for a couple of years I led the Placer County Fire Safe Alliance and wrote grants to provide fire safe efforts like shaded fuel breaks, the community chipper program and collaboration with public agencies like BLM and the U.S. Forest Service to reduce the threat of wildfire. What Mr. Wollan proposed was an excellent idea. He showed us how the income from PCWA’s hydropower operation could pay back the costs of the relicensing, cover maintenance and service needs, but dedicate a percentage for community fire safe actions. He shows on his website how this funding can be sustained for many years. We need that sort of vision to represent us. I appreciate Otis Wollan’s ideas and his long record of community service, representing District 5 for 20 years on the PCWA board. I think it’s time to bring him back, and I will be voting for Otis Wollan for PCWA director. Stewart Feldman, Meadow Vista