Candidate says abortion causes cancer

Reader Input
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Jim Reed and Doug LaMalfa sparred in a debate for the new Congressional District 1. In that debate, Doug LaMalfa made a serious blunder to support his position that would prohibit any abortions. LaMalfa said that abortions cause cancer. Redding TV station KRCR covered the debate and checked LaMalfa’s claim with the World Health Organization, U.S. National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society; all three said that abortion has no relation to cancer. Of course not; anyone with a modicum of intellect knows this is false. LaMalfa is the GOP candidate for District 1. His comment is consistent with the GOP agenda, namely, to limit women’s choices of what they are allowed to do with their reproductive organs. We should ask why GOP men (emphasis on “men”) feel they must legislate what a woman does with her own body. Is LaMalfa’s comment evidence of the continuing GOP War on Women? Jim Reed is running for CD1 against LaMalfa. Jim is a sensible, moderate man who will capably represent all of us. Jim lives in Fall River Mills; he’s a third-generation Californian, a businessman, pilot and a rancher. I urge you to vote for Jim on Nov. 6, and preserve the rights of our wives and daughters. Ron Paitich, Auburn