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Cap and Trade policy would reduce productivity

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Cap and Trade is a term that has been repeated a lot these days. Cap and Trade has become a new way for democrats in Congress to tax individuals and businesses in the name of saving the environment and ending climate change. The essence of Cap and Trade is government being able to control large parts of people’s lives through the taxes that will be imposed. The EPA just came out with a finding for review that global warming is a public health threat, the first step toward regulating the American economy down to your lawn mower. If Congress continues to move this direction and votes to impose risky new cap-and-trade energy taxes, America stands to lose a stunning $162 billion in export sales — a drastic 30 percent loss of American-made products and services. Even though proponents’ claim that few industries would be affected, EPA data clearly shows that U.S. exporters across the spectrum of manufacturing, agriculture and services would experience severe losses in exports as a result of higher coal, oil and natural gas prices. Call Congressman Tom McClintock and Congressman Dan Lungren today and tell them to oppose this risky scheme that should be renamed, Cap and Tax George Park Jr Roseville