Cap to Cap an unnecessary step in challenging times

Your Views
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In response to Robert Dugan’s letter about the value of sending delegates to Washington D.C. to obtain federal funding (Your Views, March 16), I question his logic. He states that we have to fight for our fair share of the stimulus package, but this is not true. California’s share of the package has already been determined. On Feb. 17 President Barack Obama signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The ARRA funds investments in many programs, including health care, energy, infrastructure, education and public safety. The total cost of the package is $828 billion. The way that local cities get the money is to apply for the funds. The California League of Cites has staff ready to assist cities in these tasks. So I question spending $3,500 per person to send someone to D.C. to fight for what we have already gotten. In the old days when you went to D.C. you had about 15 minutes to talk to an aide and then another group came in to lobby for money or their pet project. Things have changed now. California has already received money for new road construction and this has passed down to Placer County. Our new congressman, Tom McClintock, will be in the district several times a month and we can talk to him. Most of the cities have lobbyists in D.C., too. So let’s use them for what we pay them for. Miguel Ucovich Loomis