Capitol Corridor service worth support

Reader Input
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I am astonished that Rep. (Tom) McClintock, who is supposed to be serving our district, would cast a vote that would have effectively eliminated the presence of the Capitol Corridor Amtrak service in the Auburn-Rocklin-Roseville area. I found his position on this to be callous and cold-hearted. I had previously sent an e-mail to Congressman McClintock urging him to vote no on this amendment. I can only conclude that this man is either misinformed about the valuable service that Capitol Corridor provides to his district or just doesn’t care. Perhaps he is beholden to oil companies in some way. In my e-mail to the Congressman, I noted that all major industrialized nations in the world subsidize rail travel and wondered why conservatives in this country think it is so wrong here. Our tax dollars subsidize other forms of transportation, such as highways and roads. From my perspective, this successful commuter service should serve as a model to be emulated elsewhere instead of being cast aside. The on-time performance statistics, the cooperation achieved between government and a private freight hauling company and the number of people being served on a daily basis are only some examples of the valuable asset that this service has become to our community. Jim Venneman, Auburn