Carly Fiorina did it again

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She is no stranger to open microphones. This time she commented on Senator Boxer's hairstyle as "sooooo yesterday" not knowing the microphone was on. Seems Carly doesn't know when to keep quiet. Recall as McCain's economic adviser she bluntly stated that neither John McCain nor Sarah Palin were capable of running a major Corp. That was the last time anyone heard from Carly during the rest of McCain's campaign. Seems McCain didn't like her comments. As for Carly in her resent campaign running for the Republicans as Senator she stated how she was a CEO of Hewlett Packard. What she didn't say was she was really fired as CEO of HP. Most HP employees that morning when we heard this news celebrated her departure. She had taken a company to its lowest point (from $52 a share to $21 a share) and the directors didn't want her around anymore. She was ranked as the 20th worst CEO of all-time (according to Portfolio Magazine 2009). She seemed to lack three important leader character traits: compassion, integrity, and humility. Going back further in time 1996 she was appointed president of Lucent's consumer products business. In 1997 was named group president. She took Lucent down similar to what she did with HP. When HP hired her in 1999 Lucent employees were jubilant to see her leave. It took many years for them to recover. Do we really want someone as a Senator that brings down corporations, speaks badly about their own party, and doesn't know when to keep quiet? Senator Boxer may not be the best person for the Senate, but looking at Carly's track record Boxer may be the better of the two. Things Carly Fiornia took away from HP employees 1. Changed Stock Option plan 2. Pay for performance a. change ranking b. increased salary curves c. moved raises out 3 months d. indefinitely suspend raises 3. Ask employees to take 5 days FTO 4. Ask employees to take 8 days FTO or a pay cut 5. Took away office supplies and goodies 6. Laid off over 15,000 employees 7. Took away company cars 8. Travel restrictions and classes 9. Changed profit sharing 10. Recalled cell phones and pagers 11. Changed general HP polices - e.g. garage - HP way - Invent 12. No Beer busts - parties 13. Changed FTO/Sick leave less carryover 14. Changed HMO Benefits employees pay more 15. Changed Medical with Ben-a-flex bucks 16. Cut 10 percent on pagers, cell phones and cancel paying DSL line for home. Gives an allowance now. 17. The l/2 day before Christmas is no longer (required with pay). On a business need now. J. SOARES, Auburn