Carpet man sang baritone

Reader Input
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Interesting that you should have a death notice of Elmer Lynn Hauldren of Evanston, Ill. who died at age 89 (Journal, April 28). I doubt if many people in California would have ever heard of Lynn, the Empire Carpet Man. I don’t think these commercials ran in California. (Editor’s note: These ads are telecast locally on over-the-air TV channels). The last paragraph mentions that “He also was a singer in a barbershop quartet.” With that being said, he was well-known to all members of the Barbershop Harmony Society. He sang baritone in one of the Society’s top comedy quartets, Chordiac Arrest. Lynn wrote their parodies, and in 1988 and 1989 they scored well enough to be fifth-place international medalists. To my delight I met Lynn 12 years ago at a convention of Barbershop Pioneers in Fallbrook, and we sang several songs together. It’s really fun to share this hobby with such interesting and talented people. It just so happens that Dick Van Dyke is also a member of the Barbershop Society and is quite active with a quartet. Roger Perkins, Auburn