Cartoon angels are relevant, timely, missed

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May 8) I spoke to Deric Rothe, editor of the Auburn Journal, and was saddened to learn that the Angel cartoons by Bud Pisarek that appear each day in the Auburn Journal, have been discontinued. Since I moved here in 1989 and became an Auburn Journal subscriber, I have enjoyed Bud’s light, humorous, comical commentary on the problems and issues of the day via two adorable angels observing life from their fluffy clouds. Bud is an outstanding member of our community. He has served on the Auburn City Council, was mayor and has been active in the Performing Arts Council to mention a few things. His observations and commentary through his two angels have been relevant and timely. His “Angels” are unique to the Auburn Journal, so I fail to understand why they would choose to cancel this charming cartoon. I encourage the Auburn Journal to reconsider this very poor decision and reinstate the “Angels.” Elinor Petuskey, Newcastle