Cartoon just a cheap shot

Reader Input
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Andy Lukkonen’s cartoon in Sunday’s paper (June 21) is mean-spirited and uncalled for. His depiction of the Black & White Ball as the playground bully/thug is ridiculous and your tacit agreement by publishing it is reprehensible. Not everything in Auburn needs be family-friendly. Is there to be nothing for adults only, or those without children? Are PG-13 and R movies to be banned? Is the sentiment that the improved Streetscape for Auburn should only have cute themes and crayons with placemats? The Auburn chamber sponsors the ball and the money is used for worthwhile ends. Yes, adults sometimes do misbehave, but they do so at the Auburn fair and at many other times. I have attended the ball many times and resent Lukkonen’s cheap shot. The ball deserves support. Gary Gailbreath, Auburn