Cartoon just a disgrace

Reader Input
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Recently while looking through the online Auburn Journal I came across what at the time seemed like an ordinary cartoon by a Mr. Andy Lukkonen titled, “Colfax School.” Upon seeing this cartoon it became very offensive to me. Being a Colfax graduate I am very proud of my school. This person with great talent is breaking the cardinal rule of journalism — he obviously did not put in the time to get his facts before drawing this cartoon. His cartoon depicts two young students, one male, one female, walking into a class. The boy turns to the girl and says, “My parents went to Colfax Elementary to get back to the three R’s.” The girl says, “reading, writing, ’rithmatic?” The boy then says, “rumors, rioting, recall.” So, Mr. Lukkonen, here is my response: You must be a very ignorant individual to draw this cartoon, very immature and under-educated because according to the District Accountability Report in 2009 Colfax High School has 4 percent more proficient students in English and 9 percent more in math than the average of the district compared to Placer which only has 66 percent students proficient in English and 64 percent in math. Gee, seems some simple math would show Colfax students are more proficient than Placer. So, to Mr. Andy Lukkonen, if you’re going to draw a cartoon, get your facts right. Brandon Przepiorski, Meadow Vista