Cartoon slam not justified

Reader Input
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I agree totally with the recent letter from Harriet White chastising both the Journal and cartoonist Andy Lukkonen’s submittal to the Visual Viewpoint Section of the Journal on July 24. In this cartoon both Mayor Bill Kirby and Councilman Kevin Hanley were cast in a very negative light. Why, do you ask? It is because they both want to explore the possibility of Auburn becoming a charter city. I believe we all need to get more information on the issue of charter cityhood, and then put the idea on a ballot, and let the citizens of Auburn make that decision. Already we are getting negative press from the unions and their allies, predicting total disaster if Auburn were to become a charter city. You will see this effort intensify in the future. One of the distinct plus points for charter cityhood is that it will free us from some of the rules and regulations imposed upon us by that group of fools in Sacramento that we call the State Legislature. JACK POULSEN, Auburn