The Cat House deserves praise

Reader Input
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Is it possible the Board of Supervisors of Placer County individually and collectively are unaware of the tremendous public service of Rosemary Frieborn that has elicited kudo after kudo from the citizens of Placer County and elsewhere from the Auburn Journal to various Web sites and beyond, or would detachment from reality explain their silence and failure to act by tackling the free-rent issue to save The Cat House and making it the priority it deserves to be? With so much negative publicity about Placer County such as graffiti, vandalism and a fair share of drug and alcohol DUIs, maiming and murders, Mrs. Frieborn and The Cat House should be honored and celebrated by Placer County Board of Supervisors rather than ignored and penalized. Rosemary Frieborn should be commended for services to Placer County and I herby do just that. Placer County citizens: won’t you also speak up to the Board of Supervisors for rent-free facilities again and give recognition of the public good served by The Cat House, its founder Rosemary Frieborn and its many volunteers? Joan Briody, Grass Valley