Cat House deserves saving

Reader Input
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Two years ago I adopted a wonderful companion from the Cat House. It was my first experience in the facility, and a delightful one. Each cat had a clean room shared with a select few roommates. There was a large variety of soft cushions, fresh food and water, plus a fine supply of toys. And, to cap things off, there were several kindly volunteers to take care of all their physical needs, plus some warm strokes. Although I am sure each cat would prefer a home of its own, I can’t imagine a better second-best. I requested a needy cat, and was given a dear soul who had been there a year and was suffering some severe dental problems that the Cat House was unable to afford treating. A doctor had seen her, written a detailed summary of her problems, and done all that was possible for them to afford. Thanks to their loving care and no-kill policy, I now have a beautiful, healthy and loving kitty. I can’t imagine the Cat House being eliminated. Please do your best to help save it.  Shirley Beedy, Grass Valley