Cat House earned a break

Reader Input
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In 1994 I visited the Auburn Animal Shelter for the first time to replace a beloved pet. I returned in 1998 to start volunteering and found the same antiquated facility. Horrified I watched abandoned, abused, neglected, injured and unwanted cats and dogs, also various farm animals, even exotic pets, pouring in daily. In 2000 a compassionate woman (Rosemary Frieborn) founded “Friends of the Animals.” She has rescued countless cats from the Auburn Shelter since; and with dedicated volunteers, has cared for them at the “Cat House,” which she was allowed to use rent-free. A year ago, Placer County started charging $860 monthly rent (not including utilities), creating such a hardship that it will be forced to close down.  I believe, if over the past 10 years, county supervisors would have had to volunteer one week at the Cat House to clean up vomit and diarrhea of sick animals, comfort terrified new arrivals, brush their matted fur, administer medication, and scoop poop from their litter boxes, there would be more compassion for these poor creatures. And perhaps the Cat House would be allowed to continue operating rent-free and a refund given for the rent paid.  Mechelle Buhan, Auburn