Cat rescue shelter in need of a rescue

Reader Input
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Auburn area residents should know that they are in danger of losing a valuable partner in the local animal rescue community – the Cat House in DeWitt Center (Journal, Sept. 17). The non-profit Friends of Placer County Animal Shelter has been operating this facility since 2000, rescuing and adopting out more than 4,000 cats and kittens during that time. Its existence is now threatened by the county’s decision to charge rent for the building, making the cat rescue operation financially unfeasible. If the county does not rescind this decision, the Cat House will be forced to close its doors. Why should a non-profit organization such as this be allowed to operate rent-free in a county facility? Because it has contributed $90,000 in capital improvements to the County Animal Shelter, including a medical treatment trailer, and because of its ability to bring valuable programs concerning spay/neuter and pet care to the community. Please tell the Board of Supervisors you support the continuation of these worthwhile programs by writing to your supervisor, and by attending the supervisors’ meeting at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 22. For more information go to: http://www.ani Sharon Clevesy, Auburn