Cell tower issue continued

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City Council members won’t be discussing a potential cell phone tower for Borland Avenue at Monday’s meeting. Although the members voted Nov. 8 to continue the issue to tonight’s meeting, AT&T sent a request to the city to move the topic back to the Jan. 10, according to Lance Lowe, associate planner for the city. “They didn’t get into any specifics (in the request),” Lowe said. “I suspect they are working with the neighbors.” O.C. Taylor, who lives on Borland Avenue and appealed the Planning Commission’s approval of the tower, said Friday afternoon he hasn’t heard from representatives of AT&T since the last City Council meeting. “I don’t think they have (contacted me),” Taylor said. “They contacted the lady next door to me. They have been doing that since the beginning, postponing it. I understand what they are doing.” Taylor said he finds the delays irritating, because people have to keep adjusting their schedules in order to go to the City Council meetings. Neighbors on Borland Avenue have raised several concerns about the cell phone tower being erected in their neighborhood, including dropping property values and health risks. AT&T representatives have said studies show no potential health risks and the Borland Avenue location is necessary to achieve the coverage needed in the American River Canyon, Downtown Auburn and Old Town Auburn. ~Bridget Jones