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Steinhoff's slalom win helps Colfax take team title at Sugar Bowl
By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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Colfax High boarded to a team victory over Tahoe-Truckee in Monday’s slalom at Boreal. The falcons had a total of 489 points, while Tahoe-Truckee came in second with 467. Nevada Union and North Tahoe each earned 431 points, for a tie. Sophomore, Nelly Steinhoff of Colfax, took her third first place finish of the season with a combined time of 1:14.83, despite challenging snow conditions. “By the time I got on there the snow had lot of ruts,” Steinhoff said, “I just tried to push through and maintain speed.” Steinhoff, who has been snowboarding since she was four, plays games with her teammates before a race to stay relaxed. She said that part of her success on the slopes this season has been because of the relationships she has has built with them. “There is a couple of us that are really close and still competitive,” Steinhoff said. “Going out and winning you get confidence buildling up, so I just try and keep it going. Colfax’s results prove that Steinhoff is not the only benefiting from their commeraderie. Sami Cardenas of Colfax came in 13th with a time of 1:31.66. Brittany Thomas also finished in the top 25, placing 24th at 1:39.62. Placer High’s Emma Obray, placed eighth with at time of 1:26.32, reclaiming a spot in the top ten after last week’s race. Her teammate, Lily Worthington came in 21st at 1:38.68. In the men’s varsity competition Colfax’s Austin Leal raced hard earning a time of 1:14.62, but slipped to second-place finish against Griffin Lancaster of North Tahoe. Lancaster had a combined time of 1:11.9. “The other kid was just red hot today,” said Jack Morgan, Colfax High snowboard coach. “Evan has great points and will be well-placed for states though.” Colfax saw two other top-five finishes, putting state championships on the horizon for the falcons. Evan Kaiser came in fourth with a combined time of 1:16.08 and Nick Ash placed fifth at 1:19.16. Placer’s Pete Porata also hopes to make it to state. Porata placed sixth with a time of 1:20.14, while Colton Davenport took eighth at 1:21.15. Jeff Murray represented for Nevada Union, finishing third just behind Leal with a time of 1:15.83. Morgan said that though conditions proved difficult for his riders he was still pleased with their win. He hopes to keep them coming in Monday’s Giant Slalom at Homewood. Reach Sara Seyydin at ______________________________________________________ Sugar Bowl Slalom Varsity Women’s Top 25 1. Nelly Steinhoff, Colfax, 1:14.83 2. Drew Bernadett, Nevada Union, 1:15.81 3. Ruby Wood, Tahoe-Truckee, 1:16.96 4. Ariah Curtis, Tahoe-Truckee, 1:22.78 5. Celine Holland, Nevada Union, 1:23.4 6. Emily Ashbaugh, North Tahoe, 1:23.73 7. Shauna Day, Tahoe-Truckee, 1:25.26 8. Emma Obray, Placer, 1:26.32 9. Kenna Bolt, North Tahoe, 1:26.72 10. Lexi Schumann, North Tahoe, 1:27.71 11. Monica L-I, Davis, 1:29.91 12. Lacey Nored, North Tahoe, 1:30.41 13. Sami Cardenas, Colfax, 1:31.66 14. Codie Kamisky, Davis, 1:32.79 15. Allie Loux, Davis, 1:33.35 16. Tara Turpin, North Tahoe, 1:33.38 17. Lillian Krovoza, Davis, 1:33.56 18. Hannah West, Colfax, 1:34.54 19. Sammi Schulte, North Tahoe, 1:35.79 20. Jennifer Marso, Bear River, 1:38.24 21. Lily Worthington, Placer, 1:38.68 22. Annie Hanson, Davis, 1:39.18 23. Brittney G-B, Davis, 1:39.34 24. Brittany Thomas, Colfax, 1:39.62 25. Courtney Peters, North Tahoe, 1:39.99 Varsity Men’s Top 25 1. Griffin Lancaster, North Tahoe, 1:11.9 2. Austin Leal, Colfax, 1:14.62 3. Jeff Murray, Nevada Union, 1:15.83 4. Evan Kaiser, Colfax, 1:16.08 5. Nick Ash, Colfax, 1:19.16 6. Pete Porata, Placer, 1:20.14 7. K. Pryzbyslawski, North Tahoe, 1:20.36 8. Colton Davenport, Placer, 1:21.15 9. Troy Allen, Tahoe-Truckee, 1:21.19 10. Ryan Cowie, Tahoe-Truckee, 1:22.54 11. Shane Lillya, Davis, 1:24.29 12. Isaac Merritt, Colfax, 1:24.52 13. Tyler Guenter, Nevada Union, 1:24.55 14. Blair Esson, Tahoe Truckee, 1:25.59 15. Austin McWhinney, Tahoe-Truckee, 1:26 16. Brennan Murphy, Colfax, 1:28.03 17. Sean Lefrak, Tahoe-Truckee, 1:29.96 18. Seth Kennedy, Tahoe-Truckee, 1:29.96 19. Logan Bailey, Colfax, 1:30.58 20. Matt Stansell, Davis, 1:31.85 21. Zach Curtaccio, Nevada Union, 1:32.36 22. Jacob Peek, Placer, 1:32.43 23. Scott Muraki, Placer, 1:33.58 24. Sam Bennett, Placer, 1:33.67 25. Thomas Brady, Colfax, 1:33.7 Central II Division Snowboard Team Results- Boreal Slalom 1. Colfax 489 2. Tahoe-Truckee- 467 3. Nevada Union and North Tahoe- 431 4. Davis-425