Chamber sign a less than good idea

Reader Input
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Auburn City Council members: There was an article in the (Feb. 28) Auburn Journal summarizing the council meeting of Feb. 27, 2012, a meeting in which the decision was made to hang a sign reading “In God We Trust” in the council chamber. As new citizens of Auburn, my wife and I are just coming up to speed on city council business. First, let me thank you for your citizenship and hard work as members of the Auburn City Council. I do have some concerns about advertising religious beliefs in the council chamber. Dr. (Bill) Kirby is right about putting this sign some place besides the council chamber. This sign would suggest more to me than just our Judeo-Christian heritage, it would also imply because of its placement that the council is Christian in belief, and that it might use “it’s version of God” in council deliberations. In answer to Councilmember (Kevin) Hanley, it would not bring to mind modesty and reasoned rational action. We have democracy because Americans don’t think government has all the answers. This sign would cause me to be cautious in your chamber, and guarded in reacting with the counsel. The council chamber is a place of government and should make any courteous citizen feel that this council chamber is open to them. This sign belongs in our heart, not on the wall of our city council. Tom Hunt, Auburn