Chana prepares students for success

Reader Input
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Chana High School’s senior project was a recent topic in the article, “Doubt cast on future of senior projects,” (Journal, March 19). Unfortunately, Chana staff members were not interviewed. Consequently, Chana’s senior project lacks adequate description as it is presented solely through the lens of three students interviewed in a nearby park. Chana’s project requires students to research a career they are interested in pursuing. The research paper is equally rigorous to similar assignments at other schools. Students must research career skills, duties and requirements, engage in college and vocational school visits and/or presentations, and determine cost of attendance, the means to acquire financial aid, and wage and job availability data. Some students are able to job shadow, intern, or work within their research field. The project culminates with a senior board presentation where all presenters dress as they would for a job interview. When finished, each of our graduates knows how to train for and acquire a career after graduation. Chana students participate in community service activities throughout their enrollment, so this is not a component of senior project. We chose to have the project focus solely on post-secondary planning in order to prepare our students for success after high school. Kathleen Sutphen, Chana High School principal