Change spending, saving habits now

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Today my wife asked me what I thought people could be doing to help in this time of economic recession. It remains unclear what our own state legislators will do to correct our financial crisis, and as dramatic and frustrating as that whole process has become there are still things the average person can do to add value to our community. Begin saving money! If you have never saved a penny in your life it’s time to start. If all you save is $20 per week you will be doing something significant. The amount you save is not as important as the act of simply setting something aside for future use. Volunteer your time to an individual or organization. There is nothing like the good feeling of helping others for no compensation. Look at your own spending habits and decide where your weaknesses are. Each of us has an area of spending we know is unnecessary. Cut it out. Give your boss more for his/her money. Each of us would like to believe we are working up to our greatest potential, but that is often not the case. Look at your work habits with brutal honesty and admit to yourself whether you should do more to justify your compensation. If each of us will decide to add more value to all our daily activities then we will also be adding value to our entire community. Merry Christmas. Greg A. Calac Auburn