Changing definition of ‘entitlements’

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Cherie Holm’s discussion and definition of “entitlement” is spot-on. Politicians seem to re-invent definitions to make them seem omnipotent, and garner more votes from the uninformed masses. Social Security payments are not an entitlement. They are supposed to be a return on investment. Changing the definitions, and calling it an “entitlement” is merely a ploy to spend funds where they were never intended.
I am personally incensed that I will never see a return of what I have invested over my lifetime in “Social Security.” I’ll be lucky to live long enough to get half of it back, and the rest is funding some “illegal” immigrant to live in the manner they have grown to be accustomed.
My father is rolling over in his grave, he was so proud of becoming a citizen, he wouldn’t even speak Italian around his children.
Milt Ciarlariello, Auburn