Charged fees coming & going

Reader Input
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I just wanted to give Placer County residents another reason to shop locally other than the obvious. (The taxes go to our county when you buy in our county.) I was unfortunate enough to have to leave our county and go to Sacramento a couple months ago. During my brief visit there, I was given a fixit ticket. Because I had a really expensive problem to fix, I had to go back and get an extension. In the meantime they accidentally kept my original ticket so I typed out a form listing every number exactly as they had it on a court form they had given me. I had that signed by the wonderful CHP guys that were up at the Foresthill Fire Station doing recruiting and other things for the outlying communities. They all thought it looked perfectly legal. Went back to court in Sacramento, paid another $2 to park, and then after waiting over an hour for the second time, was told that form was no good. Had to go back the next week. Then got the copy of the ticket signed, and had to go all the way back to Sacramento pay the $2 to park and wait again. The judge then fined me $50 (down from the $75 he wanted to charge) and gave me one week to pay it. Another trip to Sac. a week later, another $2 for parking. Is this green? No! Is this fair? No! This does not happen in Placer County! I’ll never go to the doctor or shop in Sacramento again. I’ve never even heard of anyone trying to comply with a fixit ticket being fined at all. Is Sacramento County that desperate? I’m glad we don’t live there! Parking fees to park at a courthouse? What? Isn’t that what we pay taxes for? Shawn Weaver, Foresthill