Charlie Brown is strong enough to stand up to oil

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Charlie Brown and Tom McClintock offer strikingly different approaches to our energy problem. Their Web sites are fertile ground for easily discerning the differences. Guess who says “drill first, drill more,” and then drill even more while paying lip service to the obligatory research on less-harmful non-carbon-based fuels. If you guessed McClintock, you would be right. After spending his entire career as a government employee in a position of influence, he blames the government that he has been a part of for so long for lagging energy development over the last four decades. Where has he been? Is he a part of the solution or is he part of the problem? Charlie Brown’s commitment to his community and his country is well-documented. Now he is showing leadership with a well-documented and comprehensive plan to address all facets of our energy problem. When Brown points out the large amounts of federal land already leased to the oil companies for the purpose of oil exploration, McClintock scoffs by parroting the oil companies’ spin that most of that land has already been explored and found to be dry. Really? Do you think that if it were true, the oil companies would be keeping it a secret? If it were really true, it would be all over the airwaves. The oil companies and their congressional lackeys assert that there isn’t enough oil in the land they have already leased, but they sure haven’t proven it. Charlie Brown would ask them to prove it. McClintock simply parrots the oil companies’ talking points. We need someone like Brown who can understand the way the world works and the real-life problems people face. We need someone who is willing to ask hard questions of the Washington power players. We don’t need someone who just runs for any and every office that is available, Bud Lee Granite Bay