Charlie Brown violated his own ethics pledges

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Recently, the Charlie Brown campaigners were walking precincts with tremendously misleading flyers. They tacitly blame Tom McClintock for $4-plus a gallon gas. Brown’s own energy plan he released was hailed by left-wing blog “Calitics” as being a carbon copy of Nancy (no-drill) Pelosi’s! On his Web site and walk pieces are statements referring to the “Mess in Iraq” as well — apparently, Brown’s campaign staff missed the AP wire late Saturday. “U.S. now winning Iraq war that seemed lost.” Brown has thrown in with Pelosi and the enviros whose policies have prevented construction, drilling and infrastructure. Now that the “Surge” that Brown and his friends crucified when they coined General “Betray-Us” is working, Brown has a problem: Brown violated his own pledges for ethics and post-partisanship — making fallacious charges and cloning Nancy Pelosi’s energy Plan. Aaron F. Park Roseville