Charter city didn't fly in "80s

Reader Input
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As a member of the Auburn City Council ? and mayor ? in the 1980s, I researched the possibility of Auburn becoming a charter city. The findings were negative. Today, those findings still hold true. The proposed ballot Measure A is not right for Auburn. The arguments against Measure A are many. I list a few. Existing law supports public safety and essential public services for those in need. These laws could easily be usurped in a charter environment. Constant lawsuits and costly elections, and the threat of special interest groups setting the city?s agenda, are a possibility. In fact, it has already happened, and costs to taxpayers are climbing. Changing bidding preferences on public works could lead to cronyism and mediocre projects. As a long-time member of the city council, I was devoted to protecting our community from such concerns. For these, and many other reasons, I feel it necessary to join former council members in opposing Measure A. BUD PISAREK, Auburn, former Auburn mayor