Charter city questions linger

Reader Input
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Please tell us how much the (charter city) revision will cost. Writing and implementing a new charter is going to take a lot of time and if done properly a lot of legal hours. This will cost. What remedy does the charter supply to provide relief for “problems” the city has had in the past? Show where the city spent great amounts of money (prevailing wage) or could not use volunteers. Does the charter have a provision that will not allow members of the council from holding positions like they did by being the board of directors for Auburn Urban Development Authority, responsible for spending funds on city projects? Can the council name and pay members of the community to hold positions on committees if the charter is approved? Can the council members name themselves as happened in other charter cities? Where in the charter is this spelled out? Does Auburn, a general law city, have at this time a performance-based budget? This seems to be a major selling point for the charter and it has been insinuated that it is for charter cities only. The example below seems to counter this argument. “Performance Based Budget is structured according to a number of broad categories of services delivered by the City” Carpinteria, a “general law” California city. I don’t agree with prevailing wage, but I can’t vote yes for that reason alone, without many other questions being answered. Mike Monahan, Auburn