Charter vote lowers taxes

Reader Input
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In its condescending reports about charter proposals in Auburn, Redding, Paradise, Colusa and South Lake Tahoe, the Oakland-based Northern California Carpenters Regional Council brags about derailing the plans of local community leaders to enact city charters and win relief for local taxpayers from costly and burdensome state mandates. The Carpenters Union also accuses Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of developing the proposed charter for Auburn citizens, as part of a statewide movement to promote local control. But in contrast to the ordinary and innocuous charter developed by local Auburn leaders, a proposed charter from ABC would have been a searing and unprecedented manifesto in support of fair and open competition, free enterprise, economic growth and job creation. Its defiance of excessive state authority would have enraged numerous special interest groups. Nevertheless, since unions insist on dragging ABC into the campaign, here’s our “Definitive Two-Sentence Voting Guide for Auburn Citizens on the Proposed Charter.” If you support lower taxes, reasonable regulation, fiscal responsibility, limited government, local control and more freedom from corrupt urban legislators, vote yes on the charter. If you believe Auburn’s citizens are not yet giving enough of their money to the government, vote no on the charter. Kevin Dayton, Sacramento