Check out who backs issues, candidates

Reader Input
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Since we now know how the voting went in Placer County, did anyone notice the name of the organization that was putting up all the large ?vote yes on D? signs and who mailed out 8-by-10 colored campaign material, probably to all in the North Auburn/Ophir Fire District? It was ?Paid for by the CDF Firefighters Issues Committee FPPC ID 1277100.? Perhaps this group could have donated the money spent for these items to the fire district. Even though it wouldn?t have been the sizeable amount that would have been collected if ?yes? had been given the go-ahead, it would have helped. Everyone has had to tighten their belt. Can someone explain why the fire department sends a fire truck along with the ambulance on an emergency call? When 911 is called the caller must explain in some way the emergency that exists. The two arriving at the same time seems to be a waste of funds but perhaps there is a good reason. Someone explain, please! California Real Estate PAC of Los Angeles was the largest contributor to Jim Holmes, followed by Placer Vineyards Development of Roseville, Auburn Manor Holding Corp of Rocklin, Laborers Local 185 PAC of Sacramento and Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. Ron Lichau, supervisor before Harriet White, was accused of being bought by developers. This looks as though the ?developers? may have this supervisor in their pockets. Robert (Bob) Grigas made a good showing considering his total campaign fund compared to that of Jim Holmes. It might be wise to check the contributors before casting votes. MARY ANN FRANK, Auburn