Check your history: Reagan upped your taxes

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Ronald Reagan followed his much-revered tax cuts with two large tax increases. Not only did Reagan roll back corporate and individual tax cuts in 1982 (undoing almost one-third of the 1981 tax cut), he used a commission to really hurt the average working American. The so-called Social Security Reform Act of 1983 resulted in a huge increase in the Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes. These increases more than reversed whatever savings Reagan’s tax cuts had given middle and low-income American families. In 1980, working families paid approximately 8.2 percent in income taxes and 9.5 percent in payroll taxes. After Reagan’s sleight-of-hand, income tax for those workers was only 6.6 percent, but payroll taxes had risen to 11.8 percent. The combined burden had increased, not decreased. If Ted Gaines does not understand how the Great Communicator deceived the American public, he is even less able to serve in the General Assembly than I thought. Reagan managed to increase the burden on the average American while benefiting the wealthy. You cannot stimulate the economy by starving it. The difference is, Barack Obama is looking to those who need the stimulus, not those who will use it to take another vacation. Valerie A. Sanchez Auburn