Cheers for integrity shown by Placer coaches

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Where has the respect gone? I believe it is more important than ever today that we teach our children respect. I have two high school children who are student athletes at Placer. My daughter is a junior on the varsity volleyball and swim teams. My son is a freshman who plays on the basketball and JV baseball teams. On Wednesday after the JV baseball game at El Dorado I witnessed the antithesis of respect and sportsmanship. The El Dorado coach, after losing a close game to Placer 3-2, instructed his players to omit the traditional post-game hand shake at home plate with the Placer team. All but one brave and noble El Dorado player followed his instructions. At that moment I was even more convinced that we are very fortunate to have the integrity and ethics of our athletics department at Placer High School. This was also evident during the last football season when our athletic director, Mark Lee, stood up and completely acknowledged full responsibility for mishandling a student transfer situation. He could have shared the blame with many other sources, but did not. He has been a wonderful example to our school and community. Since then I have been nothing but impressed by the basketball, baseball, volleyball and swimming coaches. These coaches understand their success is not measured by wins or losses, but by the growth and life development they provide as a highly influential roll models to our kids. So, congratulations and thank you to our JV baseball coaches, Alton Caesar and Eddie Vanderdoes, for the dedication, ethics, integrity and commitment you have brought our kids and the game. It has truly been a gift. Mike Reale Auburn