Children can be taught good restaurant behavior

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Regarding the nice letter from Carrie Pronesti, Your views, June 10. (It) sounds like a large Italian family. She is also missing the point. You should prepare your children at home, not out in a restaurant. If you practice “restaurant” with your child and tell them when they get to eating nicely then you would take them to a restaurant, they would have something to look forward to. And then if they could not handle it, remove them. And the next time it might work better for all. Don’t just take them to a restaurant to “practice.” I am not talking about McDonalds, Burger King or Chucky Cheese restaurants where one would expect lots of kids, because those are kids’ restaurants. I don’t know that Chevys thinks of their restaurant as one. “Family” means groups and friends, not out-of-control kids. There is no excuse for that — ever. And I have seen lots of challenged children who are nice restaurant eaters. Taking a small toy is a great idea and lots of restaurants give children crayons and a paper to color while they are waiting for the food. Oh yes, my dinners have been ruined at many an expensive restaurant. Gene Washabaugh Auburn