Children thrown under the bus

Reader Input
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Is it any wonder California is broke? With the ability to do as we please behind closed doors, CalSTRS will continue this greedy, arrogant, self-enrichment policy because it goes unchecked and with the full knowledge of the recipient that their pension is being spiked. Nobody loses their jobs. Nobody goes to jail for fraud. Nobody in the public education system stops this sort of thing because to stand up against this practice would be a death wish. The California State Superintendent of Schools does not care that we are broke as a state or he or she would put a stop to it. CalSTRS with billions upon billions in red ink (promised pension monies) holding the taxpayer accountable, has thrown the children under the bus. And yet look at the ballot measures for the upcoming election and see what the new taxes are being put forth. Governor Brown and the Legislature have put forth what they say is pension reform for public employees but is really just a joke. But to be fair, this disease goes all the way down to city and county governments with their behind-closed-door agreements, special enhancements, step raises, etc., etc. Whether it’s our school system, or fire, or law enforcement, water agency, public employees in general, it’s all too easy with a wink and a nod for some people to “spike” their pensions or enhance their salaries with the approval of the executives running the government. California’s future is in jeopardy as first in anything other than agriculture does not look real rosy unless leadership acknowledges this decline and gets rid of unions in the public sector and has real transparency of their actions. James McKesson, Auburn