Chilean miners inspire reader

Reader Input
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Wasn’t it awesome to see the rescue of the 33 miners in Chile? Each one thanked God for their safety, and seemed to have a new appreciation for their families and friends after their entombment for such a long time. We all watched, and it seemed to me, as if I was watching the rescue of someone in my family. It seemed that the world over was united in the joy of seeing these miners come to the surface, after these months of such an ordeal. I felt so good, as I saw the relatively healthy miners be greeted so affectionately by the President and First Lady of Chile, and their families and friends. It was so touching to see the miners thank God, first of all, and then turn to their families and friends. As I watched I had such a new appreciation for my many blessings. It is so encouraging to see that this incident not only changed the people of Chile, but that they were an inspiration to many of us. United we stand, and know that God still has his hand on our country. God bless each one of us! ELLY DERR, Auburn